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What is home staging?

Home staging is the art of visually marketing your home to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers with the end goal of selling your home quickly and for the greatest profit. Home staging highlights the selling features of a property and allows potential buyers to understand how the space can be used.

How is Home Staging different than Interior Design?

Home Staging is meant to prepare a home in a specialized way in order to appeal to the greatest audience of potential buyers and their lifestyle. This differs from Interior Design which is specifically customized to the tastes and lifestyle of the homeowner. With Home Staging, furniture placement is used to highlight key features of the home and accents are used to highlight the positive aspects of the home. Interior Design is used to meet the requests and preferences of the homeowner. Therefore, how we stage a home might be different than how the homeowner designed it to meet their specific needs and tastes.

Do I really need to stage my home? Even in a seller’s market?

Absolutely! Staging creates a measurable and marketable change in the perceived value of your property. Staging works in all markets to get clients multiple offers, higher offers and sell faster than un-staged properties. According to, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more! Property owners who choose not to stage, even in the hottest markets, are leaving money on the table.

What is Occupied versus Vacant Staging?

Hybrid or Occupied staging is preparing your home for sale while you are living in the space. The staging is accomplished by making the best use of the furnishings you already have. Simply Staged can help with layout, editing, and color updates if needed. We also can bring in our own accessories or give you a guide to achieve the style that will attract the most potential buyers.

Vacant Staging is preparing a property for sale that does not have anyone living in the space. Staging is vital to help a vacant space attract the most buyers. Did you know that an empty room can actually be perceived as smaller and the majority of potential buyers will not be able to envision how to use or live in the space? Vacant staging helps to create a model home look that will capture the attention and interest of the most buyers.

Who do you work with?

We work with a variety of clients including real estate agents, homeowners, builders, and real estate investors. We provide professional recommendations for decluttering, furniture placement, updates, repairs, and more to help a property stand out on the market and appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. We explain the “why” behind our recommendations. Clients can choose to implement the recommendations we provide or to hire us to assist in creating the look.

How long does staging take?

Simply Staged works efficiently to get your property ready to sell. For vacant staging, we start the staging day first thing in the morning and we complete all vacant stages within 1 business day.  Occupied staging services can typically take 4-8 hours depending on the needs of the space. 

How much does staging cost?

We truly believe that every home at any budget deserves a grand reveal! Our staging services are customizable and flexible and can be adapted to fit any budget. Prices can range from $250 for a Pre-Listing Consultation to $2,200-$5,000 for a full vacant stage.
Did you know that the typical Return on Investment (ROI) for home staging is 586% according to The cost of home staging is always less than the first price reduction. Home staging gives your property an edge to attraction more offers and better offers. Contact us for more details and pricing customized to your project and budget.

When and how should I contact Simply Staged?

You are welcome to contact us anytime in the manner that is most convenient for you! Send us an email, text, call or connect with us on social media. Our consultations do not require more than 1 week notice to make sure we can get you on our schedule. For a vacant staging project, we like to have ideally 2-3 weeks to preview the space, research the target demographic, and to select and prepare the correct inventory and schedule the install. Have a different time frame in mind? Contact us and we would be happy to do our best to with your schedule!

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